接姬(机) !!!

Fashionably late but an update is still an update.

Read that with a long pause because it still seemed so surreal.

Big thanks to all those who put things into motion/leg work/printing/liaising and last but not least everyone who made it. It was an unforgettable experience and hopefully not the last.

I remembered ending my shift and rushing down to the airport after a change of clothes and some coffee.
It rained on my way there (as expected of Kalafina weather) but my spirit wasn’t dampened. No way.

I was one of the last few to arrive so it was really comforting to see familiar faces when I reach ROW32.
Brief introductions to put a name to the new faces and we waited while all the time checking Twitter/Flight Information.


Thanks for making the magic happen! Till the next time ! ( ̄∇ ̄)



It felt more personal this time since it’s at my homeland, so yes much more nervous than …


Some lucky people get to be stranded in the luggage area with them  ̄︿ ̄ No, I’m not in the photo for this.

I have no idea why do the Japanese love the Merlion so much.
Hopefully Kalafina doesn’t ever get sick of it and visit again when they come here for the next Live.

Catching Kalafina Club later, have shoot tomorrow.
Will continue with the post-event log if time permits.

So here’s a random picture to end off the post:



Kalafina Exlcusive Interview in Hong Kong

Short clip by iNDepthHK

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - 1

Hahaha I think they’ve gotten just a little bit better at Japtonese. XD
“Welcome to Indepth channel :)”

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q1

Words of thanks being said by Keiko. One and a half year’s return to HK.

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q2

H: Yes we’re going to try out more things in addition to what we are doing now. moretokutentomakeusbleed?

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q3

Oh come on. We all know they are very different.
Wakana seemed like she didn’t understand the question at first and Keiko must have explained it to her.
What we see from the video is Wakana going “AH~” in realization. (Another expression GET)

The conclusion is that they get along well because they are so different.

-forgot the next print screen-

If you choose a season to represent yourselves, what will you choose?

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Fuyu

-Dat waist grab-


K says Hikaru had to be Winter since she likes sleeping. W says it could go the other way and H would be Spring.

W thinks of Keiko as Summer. PASSIONATE SUMMER. *cough* OKAY.

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Fuyu2

I’ve always thought Keiko would be Winter (如过他跟梶浦老爸) but heyyy Summer.

They agreed that Wakana is Winter. W says it’s due to the way her voice sounds that matches Winter.

K: Both of you are Winter!


[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q4

The Japtonese equivalent of 多谢招待 and “We are Kalafina”.

明年再来 or please come to Singapore. ;_;

『リスアニ!TV』 3rd Season #34 SS

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 01

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 02

答案不是很明显嘛 ( ̄ー ̄)

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 03

Oh~~~ 表示近期 SS 都停顿/卡 在奇怪的地方 (爱到深处自然黑的福利?)

① 能睡 70% 都在睡 – 鲨鱼
② 喜欢睡 – 文学少女


[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 04

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 05


[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 06

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 07

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 08

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 09

重点竟然是在于粗糙的鲨鱼皮肤吗 (汗) 瞧两位互相逗的彼此这么乐

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 10

表情 那丰富的表情

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 11

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 12


赶紧跑回家然后慢慢开箱or翻页 ( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 13

[22112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #34 Kalafina 14


『リスアニ!TV』 3rd Season #33 SS

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 01

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 02

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 03

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 04

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 05

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 06

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 07

[15112014] Lisani TV 3rd Season #33 Kalafina 08-

  • 二爷没机会说 My Servant 差评
  • 私服美美美
  • 话说怎么都不动眼前的食物
  • 天花板的秘密好新鲜 是否冷着了 只有她穿了外套
  • 天然呆应该是工作太忙了 绝对跟年龄无关
  • 犯规 「みたい~」 「知りたい~」 联想到#11Making 里那变声ing 的 「はい!WAKANAです~」

上班之前复习完赶紧入眠做好梦 ˉ﹃ˉ


Duration: Approximately 37 Minutes
Start Time: Around 2:55PM

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 01 2PM

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 02 Start 255PM

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 03 Keiko

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 04 WUT

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 05 WUUUT

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 06 WK - VOICE ON

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 07 WK

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 08 France Call Lol

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 09 Hikaru - Funassyi & Yoshiki

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 10 - Keiko on Wakana and Funnasyi

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 11 - Hikaru

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 12 - Hikaru on Paris

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 13 WK LOL

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 14 Group Shot with BUCKY 1

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 15 Group Shot with BUCKY 2

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 16 Hikaru

[12072014] USTREAM PCDJ - Kalafina 17 End


① ♪ アレルヤ

BGM 「光の旋律」

France JAPAN EXPO 感想 (WKH)
H说她称 「ふなっしー」 为 「ふなっしーさま」 (这…)

BGM 「君の銀の庭」

W一讲到champagne整个人都燃起来了 (很理性的没喝过多,人家知道明早还要上班)

② ♪ heavenly blue

BGM 「輝く空の静寂には」

(武道館 LIVE 情报)
(東京ドーム LIVE 情报)

BGM 「heavenly blue」

KUROFINA万歳!!! (某K竟然说想被BUCKY吐槽喔*挖鼻*)

  • 只有W喝水
  • H妳怎么都不说多点啊
  • K终于不是穿黑了 焕然一新
  • 谈了JAPAN EXPO blah blah的
  • W超喜欢「ふなっしー」 模仿的好传神
  • K还是在讲些关于サイリウム的事 (续上回的 アニスパ!~)
  • H说了跟「ふなっしー」和Yoshiki拍了合照 三人在巴黎市区里一起哼着歌
  • 不知道是不是错觉 总觉得消音的话题会比实播有趣

なぜおフランス帰りかというと、先日フランスで行われた“Japan Expo”にご出演してきたからなんですが、なんと、5000人のフランスのファンでいっぱいになった会場に、入りきれなかった2000人ものファンの方たちがいたというから、おフランスでのKalafina人気は、ハンパじゃありません!
(“Japan Expo”には、ふなっしーやX-JAPANのYOSHIKIさんが出演して、一緒に写真を撮ってもらえたんだとか…日本では決して会えないお顔ぶれ!)
武道館ライブもそれぞれ「Red day」と「Blue day」と題されていますから、


[12072014] PCDJ Homepage - BUCKY+Kalafina Groupshot