Between the end of 2016 and the start of 2017:

Countdown 2016

At the Countdown – Rock On! 2017 Concert is just to the right.

Were the fireworks nice? Yes.
Is it worthwhile to wait for it? No.
Not unless you’ve got nothing better to do but it was an experience nonetheless.


It finally arrived!

It was a “might as well” kind of decision although the other one doesn’t seem to be coming along anytime soon.
Anyways, I’m more or less settled with the trips coming up in the earlier half of 2017.
Feels great to have everything in place and sorted.

Mixed feelings for the whole of 2016, here’s hoping 2017 would be better!

Unfortunately, the old phone (S6) didn’t make it to its 2nd birthday as I dropped it screen-first while in the showers. I now have a S7 instead. $$$.
Also didn’t get the time to dispatch the JP orders but now that I’m at the PC they can finally be on their way.
Please be safe. >_<

And since it’s the year of the rooster:


So cocky.

Hello 2017.



Not this position this time round.

Not this position this time round.

I actually slept the whole day away last night(?).

*more like whole day*
Let’s see –
12PM to 3PM

Woke up for awhile then

Followed by 7PM till 4AM earlier this morning.


PS: Dropping back to bed after applying new facial mask seems to work really well.

#Project Age-Defying
#Sleeping like a Hikaru

「花子とアン」 NHK

一气看完的感觉超棒,不过进度还是死活卡在EP56的懒人默默的躺平♫ ~~~

分别为 2014年06月28日(土) NHK総合-絢香~“花子とアン”との出会い~
和大神 2014年08月27日(水) NHK総合-スタジオパークからこんにちは 梶浦由記

28062014 NHK - AyakaXYuriko 01

28062014 NHK - Ayaka - I believe (2006) 02

28062014 NHK - Ayaka 03

28062014 NHK - AyakaXYuriko 04

  • 百合眼镜 ON

28062014 NHK - Ayaka Nijiiro05

28062014 NHK - Ayaka Nijiiro06

27082014 NHK YK -  Black Witch Usage 01

27082014 NHK YK -  Black Witch Usage 02

  • 啊喂喂怎么会有人选青跟赤 统统给我滚出课室罚站去!!! ಠ_ಠ

27082014 NHK YK -  Blackburn  03

27082014 NHK YK -  When she was just a baby 04

27082014 NHK YK -  Taken in Germany 05

  • 比较喜欢她上A&G时和鷲崎 健的那翻搞笑调调的「唉当初是因为父上想要有人和他伴奏才XXX」 而这里则正经八百

27082014 NHK YK -  Band 06

27082014 NHK YK -  System Engineer 07

27082014 NHK YK -  See-Saw 08

27082014 NHK YK -  Chart 09

27082014 NHK YK -  Chart 10 MC LOL - Kalafina

  • 长男GOOD JOB!

27082014 NHK YK - Draft Flower Garden(Wrong focus) 11

  • 重点错的离谱 写草稿写的漂亮有顺序的狮子座+1

27082014 NHK YK - Lol 12

  • 两位还真的是初次见面 (汗)

27082014 NHK YK - End 13

  • 这发型是不错但还是请留回您的长发!!!

Sword Art Online II

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 1

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 2

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 3

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 4

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 5

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 6

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 7

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 8

[Sword Art Online II] SAO 9

Managed to sit through the entire episode. Not impressed.
Giving it a few more episodes before deciding whether to drop it lol.

  • If I had a dollar every time Asuna throws herself at Kirito …
  • At least they got Yuki Kajiura’s name correct unlike the one on LeTV
  • Wonder why are they called A1-Pictures? Hurrr.
  • Story follows the novels so far so no complaints on that yet

OP was sure fine.

[Sword Art Online II] 10 - Aoi Eir [IGNITE] CM

I’m so gonna survive on bread and water during my birth month. ☹