It was super cold last year. THIS YEAR IT SNOWED.

I made a joke about how apt it would be if they sang “snow falling” while gazing out at the view while on the train.
Really came true.

Was initially quite depressed because I thought that there’s a small handful of lucky fans that managed to secure both days and look at me missing 1. #没人品 #番号上千
It was only after the LIVE that I got to know that some people didn’t even get the chance to attend even one day.
One has to be thankful.

And I really am.


Should have bought a spare key holder.

Both Blue designs for Black and White Badges were the first to sold out.
Key holder and the L sizes for Black & White T-shirts were sold out by the time LIVE ended.

This LIVE is everything I’ve wanted. EVERYTHING.
You know how vexing it is when they kept playing “五月雨が過ぎた頃に” as end roll throughout the whole ARENA LIVE?
Kind of like a taunt but it never ever gets sung at that tour. <___<
So I wrote a thank you to the girls in the enquete for that and performing the KNK set, in sequence no less.

I got a shitty number.
But then something happened.
And then I found myself in the ground floor with perfect view of Wakana and Hikaru.
I had to do some shifting and tip-toeing in order to ogle be able to look at Keiko.
But no complaints.

This LIVE has been miraculous in all aspects.


Reason I was late for my flight. OL@Akihabara FOTW@Shibuya – NO AE BD FOR ME >:

Reminder to self: Please do not be stupid and do last minute shopping when you cannot navigate Shibuya well.
PS: ANA has the best service. The lady even ran all the way with me and through customs to make sure I get on my flight. Thank you.



I got on the opposite platform from my last trip.
It doesn’t matter as they both are bound for Narita Airport but I’m happy I got to experience departing from both sides.
Little things that make me happy.
March, please come soon.^^



Between the end of 2016 and the start of 2017:

Countdown 2016

At the Countdown – Rock On! 2017 Concert is just to the right.

Were the fireworks nice? Yes.
Is it worthwhile to wait for it? No.
Not unless you’ve got nothing better to do but it was an experience nonetheless.


It finally arrived!

It was a “might as well” kind of decision although the other one doesn’t seem to be coming along anytime soon.
Anyways, I’m more or less settled with the trips coming up in the earlier half of 2017.
Feels great to have everything in place and sorted.

Mixed feelings for the whole of 2016, here’s hoping 2017 would be better!

Unfortunately, the old phone (S6) didn’t make it to its 2nd birthday as I dropped it screen-first while in the showers. I now have a S7 instead. $$$.
Also didn’t get the time to dispatch the JP orders but now that I’m at the PC they can finally be on their way.
Please be safe. >_<

And since it’s the year of the rooster:


So cocky.

Hello 2017.