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[2015] Their conclusion -1

[2015] Their conclusion -2

The result after crossing out other not-so-true traits.
I believe the word you’re looking for is devious. No? *smirk*

The clips have been made and I don’t appear until Chapter 2. ^^
Those who like my smirk needs to go to the doctor.


Kalafina Exlcusive Interview in Hong Kong

Short clip by iNDepthHK

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - 1

Hahaha I think they’ve gotten just a little bit better at Japtonese. XD
“Welcome to Indepth channel :)”

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q1

Words of thanks being said by Keiko. One and a half year’s return to HK.

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q2

H: Yes we’re going to try out more things in addition to what we are doing now. moretokutentomakeusbleed?

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q3

Oh come on. We all know they are very different.
Wakana seemed like she didn’t understand the question at first and Keiko must have explained it to her.
What we see from the video is Wakana going “AH~” in realization. (Another expression GET)

The conclusion is that they get along well because they are so different.

-forgot the next print screen-

If you choose a season to represent yourselves, what will you choose?

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Fuyu

-Dat waist grab-


K says Hikaru had to be Winter since she likes sleeping. W says it could go the other way and H would be Spring.

W thinks of Keiko as Summer. PASSIONATE SUMMER. *cough* OKAY.

[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Fuyu2

I’ve always thought Keiko would be Winter (如过他跟梶浦老爸) but heyyy Summer.

They agreed that Wakana is Winter. W says it’s due to the way her voice sounds that matches Winter.

K: Both of you are Winter!


[YT]IN DEPTH - Kalafina HK 2015 - Q4

The Japtonese equivalent of 多谢招待 and “We are Kalafina”.

明年再来 or please come to Singapore. ;_;


Between you and me
It’s always been say and go

Really like those late night strolls and supermarket trips.
Still didn’t manage to find my racquet but I’ll dig it out before setting off tmr.



The unspoken contract