Traffic 2014

Other than the occasional updates that left me somewhat lost during transitions, I’d say WordPress is almost like the sweet endearing girlfriend that knows how to surprise you from time to time.

Off on a tangent.

Hope you’re enjoying what has been done so far, I sure am happy to have some sort of timeline/reference.
Updates will not be frequent until year end but at any rate…

Thanks for 2014!

Here’s hoping 2015 will be awesome.


I’m a ninja

Last christmas …



18112014-Believe Postcards

Pardon the image quality.
Sometimes certain pictures magically end up in ridiculous sites that I’ve never been before. Yay internet.

This New Year …



Both running a few pages long, AJ’s the only one in colour though.
And my copy of Trickster Age should be somewhere in the air as I type this.

Or not, but whatever now I have to purchase Sound & Recording Magazine. CDJ y u no email me sooner. ಠ益ಠ

So I was shopping in Hong Kong and this little fella reminded me of you so I bought it.

The 3rd time that people told me this so I must be one. Muahaha.
And no the rilakkuma isn’t mine I’m just transferring shows.

In other news:

It took me N years to get back on track to watch Pandora Hearts.
Also if the year end trip becomes a thing …


刀疤叔叔 - 本 N
辛巴老子 - JO
我亲爱的辛巴小侄子 - D殿

The script can be set in modern times and I can drop J off the top of a building.