1HR30MINS /o/

1HR30MINS /o/ 好爽

满身大汗 ✓
回家洗衣服 ✘
真的不喜欢吃香蕉和洗衣服唉  -__-




那原来是葡萄酒 >_< 顔控表示注意力全都在错的地方 (你耳朵还进水)
看见父亲那副难过的模样,明知到女儿是无心的,尽管如此但还是要面对那被退学的可能性 ...


私 みなの希望の光になれなんだ






So I bought the PS Vita some time last week due to certain reasons and got really bored with it after a few plays.
The SAO game looks promising enough for me to give the new gadget a second chance.

Youtube just had to to throw random stuff like this at me.
Troll VN I know but the number of laughs is worth it. Turns out, I think everyone is going to be a Wizard. /o/
Crashed on her couch for the umpteenth time while waiting for the rest to get ready.

Yes she forced me to watch AKB stuff (again)

Yes she forced me to watch AKB stuff. (AGAIN)

The height thing reminded me of Kaori.

The height thing reminded me of Kaori. I have no idea how she’s that tall even at such a young age.

啊哈哈哈我还没见过喜欢喝酒的巨人 ~ (喂!)

啊哈哈哈我还没见过喜欢喝酒的巨人 ~ (喂!)

我从以前到现在也只能认出Mayuyu和Takamina (被揍)
还有Kaori 真的是越来越美了( 〃▽〃)

The annon gathering.

23042014 - Twitter Cluedo Style

The other people who uses caps on the first letter, doesn’t use onions, proven themselves to be smart and has the ability to infer plus not being a prick. Apparently uses twitter and likes a challenge.
I was going to say Hatou but she rarely logs into chat and so my guess for 2503 is Tierney.
Safe to say everyone who was annon today are registered on the forum.

Might be wrong in my guesses but the brain is happy to think about this mysterious chat today.

There was rain and there was rain.

Give it 2 weeks. Tops.

Downpour 4-5. -ish iirc.

I sat on the couch enjoying the sound of pouring rain while sipping tea as I tried to finish up the letter that was due a few days ago. A letter to you.

And in the rubbish bin that I had kicked into a corner were the crushed papers, nine of them which didn’t make it.

When was the last time I had put so much thought into writing … must have been long ago.

All I know is that I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

Cheers for being in the same Timezone. >D