電波研究社 Denpa Kenkyuusha (Kalafina) Translation

M = May’n 部长
T = Washizaki Takeshi (LOL I misnamed him previously.)

W = Goddess Wakana

K = Macho Keiko

H = Sleepy Hikaru

M: Next up is the report from Special Members Part2!
Helping us with the report are the 3 members of Kalafina!

Kalafina: Good evening!
T: Isn’t this Kalafina?
W: Good evening.
K: Excuse me.
T: Please be seated. Make yourselves at home.

W: Yes. I’m back!

T: Well first of all please introduce yourselves.
W: I’m Wakana, please take care of me! (T: Waka-chan!)
K: I’m Keiko, please take care of me! (T: Kei-chan!)
H: I’m Hikaru, please take care of me! (T: Pika-chan!)
H: Somehow this doesn’t feel right.

T: First time being called as such?

ALL: Please take care of us!
T: Keiko-san came as one of the vocals of FictionJunction last year in August right?
K: Yes.
T: Then Waka-chan and Pika-chan both are …
T: This is your first time on the show?
H+W: Yes.
T: Prior to this you have already known May’n-chan right?

W: Of course. And you too. We have always been taken care of by you.
T: This mysterious trio, how is it today.
W: U, chuu *BLOW A KISS*

T: I have posed this question when I first met you girls:
“Is being mysterious your selling point?”
Did anyone tell you:”You are like a variety show (lit.) , try to tone it down a little.”

W: We will react accordingly to circumstances, this shouldn’t be a problem.
K: Waka-chan!
K: Hi-chan please try to stop the one sitting next to you.
H: Okay I’ll try my best.

T:Now in order to get to know more about Kalafina, we are going into the Q&A segment.
There are questions for both the group and individual ones.
Well then let’s get started. Questions Starto!

M: Kalafina. How did this name come about? Wakana-san, please tell us.

W: Placing utmost importance in the sound, Kalafina is a created word (by YK).
M: In short, what kind of unit is Kalafina? Starting from Wakana-san please.
W: A colorful and interesting unit.
K: Jack-in-the-box
H: Um. A triangle but at the same time, it’s also a circle.

M: Continuing, what is the trend in Kalafina at the moment, Keiko-san?

K: Yes. We exercise in order to warm up our bodies before rehearsals.
M: What do you focus on when performing songs? Starting from Wakana-san.
W: My own parts.
K: As for me (i will focus on) strengthening the base with contralto.
H: World view and emotions.

M: Please tell us your dreams for the future.

W: Firstly, as Kalafina, we want to do a world tour. K: Big!
K: 3 of us doing a full marathon.
H: There are alot of people (in the world). I hope I can meet more people.

M: Now please tell the other members what you usually can’t say. Starting from Wakana-san.

W: Thank you, (as) always!
K: Be more proactive towards me!
KEN: What was that?
H: Kind of similar to Wakana-san. Thanks for leaving me alone.
W: We have never ignored you!
H: Let’s leave this for later.
W: Okay.

M: Please release more information regarding your new song. Hikaru-san, please.

H: Our new song has been released on the 18th last Wednesday. (18.04.2012)
It is from the ongoing tv anime and also Season 2’s OP

M: Very well.If you were to describe this song using only one kanji,
what would it be? This is to everyone, starting from Wakana.

W: I’ll use the word cold. (冷たい)
K: I’m the exact opposite. Fueled. (燃える)
H: For me it is the word “sad”. Sad from sadness. (切ないの切)

M: Then are there any interesting episodes during the recordings? And again, starting from Wakana-san.

W: There was an incident where I was asked to calm down.
K: Wakana! Yes.
H: Red and black.

M+T: This should be interesting.
M: Lastly, everyone please say a few words to all the viewers.
W: Yes. Our new song is on sale now. Please do listen to it!
K: Please take care of us today.
H: Good evening. To all those viewers from around the corners of the world, please continue to support Kalafina.
T: Okay we’re done!

[Segment End]

T: I’ll just ask but there are so many questions. The word “Kalafina” was created?
Kalafina: Yes.

T: I’m sure you have been asked this question many times. Has it reached 1 million?
W: Yes! We have been asked over 10 Million times.
Our producer, Kajiura Yuki-san felt
that the pronunciation of the word Kalafina leaves a gentle feeling and it’s easy on the ears.
And that is the reason why she decided to call us Kalafina.
T: It sounded like some foreign language. As I thought, it made good sense in using created words.
M: Yes.
T: How to say, it feels just right. You wouldn’t know this word doesn’t exist.
But there doesn’t seem to be any words like this.
This unit, in one word, Wakana felt that this unit is colorful and interesting. (W:Yes.)
And Keiko said Jack-in-the-box.
Then Pika-Rin …
H: Now I have another new nickname.

T: “A triangle but at the same time, it’s also a circle”. Why is that so?

H: The 3 of us are different and each point towards different directions.
But we are somehow miraculously linked together into a cirle.
T: That was very well said!
M+W: I see!
T: You are all very good in commenting.
Kalafina: Is it? Thank you.
T: That is unfair.
H: No.No.

T: “Exercising before rehearsals”. Is this a sporty type of unit?

H: Absolutely not sporty.
K: Both of them don’t like to move.
T: I see. Keiko-san exercise regularly right?
K: I like to exercise.
As our studio is underground, the air is cold and we’ll do approximately 15 mins of
warm up exercises. The 3 of us will dance. Right? (to H)

T: What kind of dance?

W: It is a secret! We are a mysterious group that’s why.
M: I’m thinking about it.
T: Really. WAI. *dance*
K: No, no not like that. That’s so outdated.
W: No you are wrong. It’s like this. *dance*
M: This is good!
H+W: It isn’t like this at all. We are just joking around.
K: You guys are so outdated.

T: Exercising for the sake of warming up the body.
Ah, we have covered so much. Next, dreams for the future: World Tour!

W: Yes. We still have many places we have not visited, so of course it is a dream if we are able to go.

T: How many countries you have been to up until now?

W: For Asia, we have been to China and Taiwan etc.
For America, we have been to Boston and L.A.
We have an upcoming trip to Europe and that will be our first time there.
T: Amazing!
W: Yes. Europe is very big and there are many places that we would like to go.
This dream is in all of us.

T: Hikaru wants to meet the various kind of people on this planet, including Japan of course.
For that reason you would want to be able to express yourself more right?

H: Yes. I’m a hikikomori and seldom get out of the house.
As such I would like to be more in contact with other people.
T: Through work?
H: Yes. I’ll give it more tries.

T: Keiko you said you wanted the 3 of you to run the full marathon right?

K: Please don’t take my dreams as the climax of a joke.
T: Because the other 2 don’t work out that’s why.
K: And that is why I wanted to do this.

M: You wished that they will join you in exercising?

K: Yes May’n-chan let’s go together.
M: I remembered receiving Keiko’s sms while being at the backstage.
She would send something like “I’m now walking from X to Y” etc.
Keiko really loves exercising and I call her Macho-Senpai.
K: Nooo!Please don’t call me that!
T: The truth is that when you form a group with people that are not sporty,
the one that is more active will go:
“Move your body more! Sports is the essence of life!”
Honestly though: “I’m sorry.” (for you)
K: Stop it. I really don’t mind!
W: When Macho-Senpai is around it sort of encourages us.
I’ll do yoga and of course Kei-chan does it too.
But Keiko does Hot Yoga and as for me, I’ll be doing it at home.
For about 5 mins and at a leisurely pace without breaking a sweat.
Oh and I will do Pilates before sleep. As for Hikaru, she loves sleeping the most.
H: No. ZERO. I won’t do it.
T: I see. It’ll be fantastic if you managed to pull it off.
K: That is why I’ve stated it as a dream.

T: “Things that you cannot say to the other members until now”.
Wakana said, “Thank you, (as) always!”

W: Yes. Just like what Hikaru had said earlier, we are very different but yet at the same time,
it is thanks to us being together and as one that I am much aware, discovered alot of new and fun
things, being kind towards other people, alot of happy memories were made.
Thank god for Kalafina! I’m so glad to be in this group.
T: This is so sudden.
K: What happened to you? (to W)
T: I don’t know.
K: We don’t have much time left.
T: That is your problem. Go to one side if you want to play Kalafina-Catch Ball.
Kalafina: Sorry. Really sorry.

T: Keiko-san said “Be more proactive!”

K: Be more proactive!
H: This again?
M: Macho-Senpai has shown herself.
W: Let’s do our best since she has said it.

T: Hikaru-san said “Thanks for leaving me alone.”

H: It’s like this, there are times when we are moving. I often fall asleep quickly during transit. While on the move.
T: I know that very well.
H: So when the 2 of them leave me alone after sensing the “Sleeping Aura” from me, and go about
happily chatting by themselves, I wanted to thank them for leaving me alone (to sleep).
T: But when you are overseas or at a concert, even though while moving,
don’t you take any videos? Isn’t it bad that during all those times Hikaru is asleep?
W: The conversations doesn’t end when the 3 of us are together.
It doesn’t change if it’s 3 people or 2 people. No one is left alone.

T: Waka-chan SHHH.
Next was released last Wednesday.
Cold (冷), Fueled (燃), Sad (切) were used to describe it. How do you explain this?
Let’s start with Cold. (冷たい)

W: This song, as pointed out by the other 2, has parts which have passion and sadness in it.
But my part consists lots of feelings of calmness and that is what I wanted to express.

T: I see. Each and everyone has their role to play.

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電波研究社 Denpa Kenkyuusha (Kalafina)